Limited Partners

An all-in-one limited partner software solution that lets investors track, analyze and amalgamate multiple alternatives asset classes from inception to maturity

Enhance your decision-making with Allvue’s limited partner software

Without the ability to track investments and exposures across multiple asset classes, limited partners may lack the insight needed to act on new opportunities and monitor portfolio growth effectively. Allvue’s fully-integrated limited partner software platform empowers investors to perform front-, middle-, and back-office activities within a single unified environment, blending the functionalities of CRM, Deal Tracking and Analysis, Portfolio Management and Analysis, Reporting, and Fund Accounting in a single instance.

Allvue's Limited Partner Portfolio Management software interface

What we offer

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LP Portfolio Management

A fully-integrated portfolio management software solution for limited partners featuring interactive reporting and optimized data tracking capabilities.

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Fund Accounting

A single tool combining robust reporting, a multi-currency general ledger and cash management to help limited partners bolster their back-office operations.


Streamline your portfolio management and reporting

In this two-minute demo video, Senior Solutions Engineer Amira Benslimane shows how Allvue helps limited partners use our software to view and report on their entire portfolio of private investments consolidated in one spot.


Oversee your pipeline

In just two minutes, Senior Solutions Engineer Amira Benslimane demonstrates how Allvue empowers limited partners to oversee their pipeline and track in-process deals through to due diligence and closing phases.


Optimize team collaboration

With LP Portfolio Management, limited partners can automate team workflows to cut down on operational risk and ensure that key approvals get multi-person checks. See how via a two-minute demo.