As a fund administrator, what should my software be able to do for me?

March 2, 2023

Shaping a talented team is a huge part of succeeding, but your fund administrator software can have just as much impact as the strongest team. More than that, it frees up that talented team to work more productively and focus more time on challenging projects when they’re not responding to data error fire drills or fixing broken reports. With that said, here are some of the pillars of a great private equity fund administration software solution.

Data accuracy

A truly integrated system cuts down on the risk of human error and ensures data accuracy. Your team can spend less time scrubbing data and worrying about avoidable errors and more time acting as a partner to your clients. We know that servicing the back office can inherently lead to major data challenges, not to mention fielding the requests of individual investors seeking their own customized data views and reports. The right fund admin software will keep your team’s head above water, offering automated ways to close the books, report to investors, as well as pull data and respond to any ad hoc requests.

Dependable technology

Your fund admin software should run on dependable technology that keeps you on the cutting edge. Because we leverage next generation technology like Microsoft’s enterprise framework, our solutions keep you and your clients at the forefront – even as the forefront continues to evolve.

Asset class flexibility

Finally, it’s essential that your fund admin software be able to service every private capital asset class. GPs’ strategies are increasingly fluid as they launch new arms and chase after the best opportunities they see in the market. No matter what strategies your clients choose to embrace, as their fund admin, we know you have a responsibility to service their back-office needs. Your software should be able to handle any kind of private asset with clean and simple workflows, rather than treat something new like a foreign language.

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