How does Allvue’s fund admin software help reduce operational risk?

March 2, 2023

Allvue’s platform empowers you to automate and streamline back-office data flows, decreasing the burden of human error risk when data is manually moved around. By leaning on the tech to handle the routing of data, many back-office tasks become far more manageable.

For example – when handling bank reconciliations, a notoriously manual process – Allvue can automatically match the transactions from the imported statement with those in the bank account subledger. Any discrepancies will be highlighted for manual review, and if any line items from the statement were not accounted for in the subledger, they can easily be transferred to the general journal. From there, they can be matched to the appropriate account and allocated correctly.

And quarter-end reporting becomes much cleaner with Allvue’s standard fund financial statements delivered out of the box, including a Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Schedule of Investments, and Statement of Cash Flows. Each of these reports are automatically generated from the underlying fund accounting system. All you need to do is simply select a GL Date, select your fund, and you have a presentation-quality, investor-ready report.

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