Infographic: Introducing LP Portfolio Management for Fund of Funds

April 18, 2022

Investor demand for alternative investments continues to climb, and fund of funds managers are in a particularly apt position to benefit. For institutions looking to quickly scale their private market allocations up, funds of funds serve as a perfect vehicle for them to do so while also getting to customize their risk, geography, and asset class profiles.

But this scaled-up demand also brings challenges to fund of funds managers, whose operations are likely growing larger than ever. To make informed investment decisions and create the kind of returns that will keep their investors coming back, fund of funds managers need an end-to-end technology solution that helps them manage their sprawling portfolios, track opportunities and cashflows, analyze performance, and model growth.

Download our infographic to learn more about how Allvue’s Limited Partner Portfolio Management solution can help your fund of funds strategy thrive.

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