Article: Private Funds CFO – GPs of all sizes ramping up use of AI: Allvue

January 23, 2024

Brandon Meeks, Allvue Chief Technology Officer, sat down with Jennifer Banzaca at Private Funds CFO to discuss Allvue’s 2024 GP Outlook survey findings and how GPs are adopting AI in their fund operations.

AI and machine learning have been making an impact on managers’ fund operations and workflow efficiency for some time, but we have now rapidly entered the era of AI democratization with the emergence of GenAI and the elimination of the barrier to entry. Now that access and appetite are pervasive, establishing governance and validating data security needs to be the very next step. Basic guidelines and oversight are key to ensure that business processes optimized and augmented by AI are done so with the right controls and technology decisions.”

Brandon Meeks, Chief Technology Officer, Allvue


Read the full article on Private Fund CFO’s site: GPs of all sizes ramp up use of AI: Allvue

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