Pipeline Management

Streamline deal management with deal tracking software designed to effectively monitor opportunities and potential investors across every interaction


Deal Flow & Pipeline
Management Tools

Allvue’s Pipeline Management software solution keeps track of all potential investors and deal process flow using contacts, conversations, emails, and more. Never miss an opportunity with Allvue’s investment and effective deal management CRM software connecting the dots across every channel of communication.

Streamlined deal flow

Efficiently track, manage, and analyze your pipeline of investment opportunities, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Intuitive reporting

Share financial data effortlessly and deepen investor relations via comprehensive investor reporting.

Data-driven insights

Gain access to data-driven insights that enable informed decision-making and strategy development to maximize returns.

Pipeline Management Software
Features & Benefits

  • 01

    Comprehensive pipeline management

    Manage a pipeline of investor and investment opportunities, serving as a comprehensive pipeline management tool.

  • 02

    Unified communication tracking

    Track contacts, emails, documents, conversations, ideas, meetings and more with our deal flow management tool.

  • 03

    Enhanced relationship insights

    Gain relationship insights between accounts, contacts, opportunities, and products with our CRM software.

  • 04

    Seamless data integration

    Maintain vertical integration of data through the entire life cycle of deal tracking, from pipeline through funding, using our deal pipeline management system.

  • 05

    Increased pipeline visibility

    Associate emails with opportunities and sync contacts via native Outlook integration, enhancing your pipeline management reports.

  • 06

    Dynamic reporting

    Use dashboard reporting and set rule-based alerts based on any criteria.

Leverage Allvue’s suite of solutions

Allvue’s solution integrates with Portfolio Management and other Allvue modules to deliver a comprehensive solution—including Research Management, Trade Order Management, and Compliance—to help you manage your investments and optimize decision making.

Research Management

Streamline the collection and distribution of your firm’s research and integrate it with your investment and trading activities.


Trade Order Management

Organize and streamline daily workflows associated with trading asset classes, increasing efficiency and compliance.



Integrate real-time exposure and market data to deliver compliance at all stages of the credit trade lifecycle.


How does Allvue compare to other
credit software solutions?

As credit portfolios grow and strategies evolve, fund managers require sophisticated solutions to manage the inherent complexity associated with this asset class. Allvue's software covers the full investment management lifecycle and provides the flexibility to grow as you grow.


  • End-to-end, front-to-back office solution with built-in industry best practices and flexible deployment
  • Centralized home for your data management with standardized reports and customized dashboards
  • Flexible workflows to meet your unique needs—from out-of-the-box solutions to highly customized configurations
  • Driven by the largest funds to meet the evolving needs of top-ranked credit managers

Our Pipeline Management Technology

At the heart of our deal flow management tool is a powerful, flexible workflow and rules engine. Built on the robust .Net framework, Allvue’s technology stands out as a pinnacle of pipeline software innovation. It seamlessly communicates with other systems, ensuring efficient data integration and management, vital for any GP.

Our platform’s strength lies in its ability to handle diverse data within its advanced security master and comprehensive data warehouse. This capability is crucial for effective pipeline management reports and deal management, automating complex processes to boost operational efficiency and mitigate risk.

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Allvue saves us days. I’m not even talking hours— it saves us days.

Susan Gillick
President, Standish Management

Allvue’s software is trusted by private equity, venture capital, private credit, CLOs, and fund administrators globally.

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