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A full suite of solutions that help private capital fund of funds run their firms more efficiently

Fund of funds software powering highly flexible functionality

Fund of funds are growing rapidly to meet the ever-increasing demand for alternative assets by investors. This growth often leaves them relying on manual and outdated portfolio management tools, which can slow down their workflows and introduce risk into their processes.

Allvue offers solutions that meet the unique needs of fund of funds, from the back office to fundraising and investor reporting. Customizable for multi-manager portfolios, Allvue’s fund of funds software solution is flexible enough to meet the needs of fund of funds as both investors and fund managers.

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How Allvue helps fund of funds invest

Allvue’s LP Portfolio Management solution provides fund of funds with a single source of truth for combined investor and investment data. Our data processing system is equipped with OCR capabilities, allowing managers to automate their data collection processes, streamlining and de-risking one of the most time-consuming and error prone workflows.

Our fund of funds software solution blends functionalities of CRM, Deal Tracking and Analysis, Portfolio Management and Analysis, Reporting, and Investment Accounting into a single product so that managers can perform front-, middle-, and back-office activities in a unified environment.

With Allvue, fund of funds managers can:

  • Quickly answer ad hoc queries from clients
  • Automatically ingest and process documents
  • Manage multiple alternative asset classes in a single platform
  • Seamlessly generate and analyze performance figures
  • Perform detailed drill-down analysis of current investments and new opportunities
  • Model future cash flows and portfolio growth

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The benefits of Allvue
for fund of funds

Automatically ingest and process documents from GPs and investments via our OCR capabilities

Monitor and gain insight into your portfolio’s alternatives investment exposure using a dashboard and prebuilt and customizable reports

Combine investor and investment data within one solution, empowering you to easily answer ad hoc client queries

Track contact information and documents associated with each investment

Model future cash flows and growth of alternatives investment portfolios to enhance investment decisions and reduce portfolio risks

Track transactions and perform detailed revaluation of your alternative investments through our dedicated workflows

Infographic: 3 challenges facing fund of funds

Download our latest infographic to learn more about how funds of funds can facilitate portfolio expansion quickly and easily across all alternative asset classes.


How Allvue helps fund of funds manage

Fund Accounting

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Investor Portal

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Business Intelligence

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Portfolio Management

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Trade Order Management

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Research Management

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Pipeline Management

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Performance Attribution

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Fund Performance & Portfolio Monitoring

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