Compliance Management

Investment compliance solutions for private debt and CLO managers to help ensure compliance throughout the trade lifecycle


Staying ahead of regulations with
Compliance Management

Allvue’s Compliance Management Software integrates current exposure and market data, offering a robust compliance solution at all stages of the credit trade lifecycle. This includes investment compliance monitoring during hypothetical testing, pre-trade, trade allocation, post-trade, and ongoing portfolio monitoring. Designed for private and public credit managers, our software ensures regulatory compliance across all portfolios in real-time. Stand up funds, make test revisions independently, and view real-time compliance test results and pre- and post-trade capacities across each fund.

Real-time compliance monitoring

Ensure compliance across all portfolios in real-time with up-to-date exposure and market data integration.

Built with compliance in mind

Stay compliant with portfolio requirements through automation capabilities and real-time market data to ensure ongoing compliance and credit risk management.

Designed for the needs of CLO and private debt managers

Engineered to meet regulatory standards, our platform delivers seamless compliance management, ensuring adherence to industry regulations.

Features & Benefits

  • 01

    Seamless dashboard & reporting

    Automate and customize summary and detail reports and dashboards for real-time decision making.

  • 02

    Comprehensive industry standards

    Utilize our test library including all industry standard tests for CLO (US and Euro), 40 ACT, SMA, UCITS, BDC, Leverage Facility, Borrowing Base, and Muni Fund types.

  • 03

    Adaptable compliance configuration

    Use configurable trade compliance rules such as best execution and inter-portfolio trading limitations, crucial for adapting to regulatory change.

  • 04

    Proactive risk management

    Perform cross-portfolio hypothetical trades & historical compliance analysis, model portfolios, and compare scenarios side-by-side for effective risk management.

  • 05

    Robust compliance engine

    Handle any rule type with a powerful rules engine and other derivatives, essential for a comprehensive compliance process.

  • 06

    Compliance control

    Set restriction capabilities for trades, issuers, assets, and counterparties, offering a complete compliance service solution.

Our compliance software technology

An extremely flexible workflow and rules engine built using the .Net framework, Allvue’s credit platform excels at communicating with other systems and technologies. It’s a leading compliance service, storing and operating upon disparate data within its abstracted security master and data warehouse. This technology automates the workflow and bespoke processes that add operating efficiency, reduce risk, and ensure a seamless compliance process for reporting and monitoring.


We provide a cloud-based environment that does not require costly upgrades – unlike many of our competitors.


We prioritize ongoing developments and product enhancements to keep our users on the cutting edge – even as the cutting edge evolves.


We offer a modern, intuitive user experience that is already universally familiar – so users can get started quickly.

Allvue allowed Albacore to take control of their systems to help grow their business

“We pride ourselves on our market agility… and require a technology partner that supports not only flexible workflow systems but one that continually optimizes its offerings… We consider Allvue as a strong pillar of our technology base that will support our growth with efficiency and innovation at the core.”

Matthew Courey
Founding Partner & COO, AlbaCore Capital Group


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Allvue saves us days. I’m not even talking hours— it saves us days.

Susan Gillick
President, Standish Management

Allvue’s software is trusted by private equity, venture capital, private credit, CLOs, and fund administrators globally.

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