Research Management

Streamline your research, decision-making, and monitoring with superior investment management research software


research integration

Allvue’s Research Management software streamlines the collection and distribution of your firm’s research, investment decision-making and monitoring, and integrates it with your Portfolio Management and trading activities. Leverage an investment research management software solution that features a broad set of capabilities and data via integration with Allvue’s other modules, as well as third-party systems and data services.

Streamlined deal flow

Seamlessly track, manage, and analyze your pipeline of investment opportunities

Enhanced collaboration

Centralize deal-related information in a single platform that enhances stakeholder collaboration and drives business outcomes

Seamless integration

Allvue’s Research Management software seamlessly integrates with other Allvue modules plus third-party solutions

Leverage Allvue’s suite of solutions

Allvue’s Research Management solution integrates with other Allvue modules to deliver a comprehensive solution—including Portfolio Management, Pipeline Management, and Trade Order Management—to help you manage your investments and optimize decision making.

  • Portfolio Management

    All of the information that a portfolio manager needs delivered in easy-to-use dashboards and interactive reports.


  • Pipeline Management

    Streamline deal management with deal tracking software designed to effectively monitor opportunities and potential investors across every interaction.


  • Trade Order Management

    Organize and streamline daily workflows associated with trading across asset classes, offering trading efficiency and compliance.


Our Investment Management Research Technology

As an extremely flexible workflow and rules engine built using the .Net framework, Allvue’s Credit platform excels at communicating with other systems and technologies. It stores and operates upon disparate data within its abstracted security master and data warehouse. This automation streamlines the workflow and bespoke processes that add operating efficiency and reduce risk. This makes it an indispensable tool for those in credit investment management, offering a sophisticated investment management software solution that aligns with the dynamic needs of today’s portfolio managers and credit asset managers.


We provide a cloud-based environment that does not require costly upgrades – unlike many of our competitors


We leverage Microsoft’s extensive research and development capabilities to keep our users on the cutting edge – even as the cutting edge evolves


We offer a modern, intuitive user experience that is already universally familiar – so users can get started quickly

Features and benefits of
Allvue's Research Management solution

  • 01

    Automate investment pipeline

    Manage and automate investment pipeline, review, decision making, approval, and monitoring processes, catering to portfolio and fund manager needs

  • 02

    Efficient insight reporting

    Capture, organize and report analyst credit & industry commentary, underwriting analysis, investment rationale and attachments

  • 03

    Seamless financial data assembly

    Assemble and report on company financial data without redundant data entry, supporting investment portfolio management and risk management strategies

  • 04

    Comprehensive deal review history

    Access a fully audited history of information related to all deals reviewed, crucial for investment tracking decisions

  • 05

    Streamlined deal pipeline

    Automate deal pipeline, investment approval, credit management and monitoring reports, enhancing the efficiency of portfolio performance evaluation

  • 06

    Data quality management

    Easily identify missing or bad data across your entire organization, a key factor in achieving financial goals

Allvue allowed AlbaCore to take control of their systems to help grow their business

“We pride ourselves on our market agility... and require a technology partner that supports not only flexible workflow systems but one that continually optimizes its offerings… We consider Allvue as a strong pillar of our technology base that will support our growth with efficiency and innovation at the core.”

Matthew Courey
Founding Partner, COO, AlbaCore Capital Group


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Allvue saves us days. I’m not even talking hours— it saves us days.

Susan Gillick
President, Standish Management

Allvue’s software is trusted by private equity, venture capital, private credit, CLOs, and fund administrators globally.

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