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Supervise investments and make calculations at a lot level

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Investment accounting software that can track every transaction

Allvue’s Investment Accounting software is designed from the ground up with proper accounting checks and validation in place on every transaction. Our browser-based investment accounting system allows for easy deployment, scalability and maintenance, and offers seamless integration with our Front Office solution and third-party systems.

What you get with Allvue's Investment Accounting software

Track and account for all investments, with the ability to calculate accruals, cash flows, positions, and P&L at a lot level

Supports Broadly Syndicated Loans, Private Debt Loans & Bonds, Corporate & Muni Bonds and much more with new asset types added regularly

Utilize dual record accounting which provides natural cross-checks, preventing things like “hanging receivables” from going unnoticed

Use Knowledge Date as a natural part of the system architecture, allowing users to generate dynamic historical data

Get data in and out of the system easily via an open architecture (RESTful web-based APIs)

Generate reports faster by pre-calculating and storing key data points at time of entry

Our Technology

Cutting edge .NET application built from the ground up, to be real-time & transaction-oriented, with complete knowledge and business date support for reporting across either time dimension.

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