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Access customizable investor dashboards, secure document sharing, and best-in-class investor communication tools via our out-of-the-box private equity investor portal software solution.

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A flexible and intuitive investor portal software solution

Allvue’s Investor Portal software stands out as a robust and powerful solution for general partners (GPs), providing an exceptional platform for investor relations and communication. 

 With over 90,000 users, our platform automates key investor notice generation and distribution, allows easy branding of your investor dashboard, and facilitates efficient tracking of investment activity and portfolio performance.

What sets Allvue’s Investor Portal apart:

  • Rapid Deployment: Out-of-the-box configurability for quick implementation, essential for private equity firms, venture capital firms, and other investment firms seeking immediate solutions.
  • Customizable Dashboards: Empower limited partners (LPs) with self-service reporting and preference settings, enhancing investor satisfaction and investment management efficiency.
  • Automated Report Distribution: Streamline workflows and reduce risk with automated document and report distribution, tailored to each LP’s delivery preferences.

Learn how our investor portal integrates with our emerging manager solution set to improve investor communications

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Get a best-in-class investor portal that’s available out-of-the-box

We know that emerging managers and growing venture capital firms often need investor portal environments that can be stood up quickly to meet immediate investor needs. So we’ve designed a standalone investor portal solution that offers our robust functionality and customizability in an out-of-the-box package requiring minimal implementation.

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Discover an enterprise-level, industry-leading investor relations platform

Our investor portal software solution also seamlessly integrates with our back-office platform, offering streamlined functionality, reduced risk, and increased data integrity. With Allvue, a single source of data can flow into your Investor Portal from:

  • Fund Accounting – Our award-winning true general ledger built specifically for the needs of the private capital markets
  • Business Intelligence – Our data analysis solution allows you to easily visualize data and create reports

Because of this in-depth integration, our investor relations platform allows you to easily create notices and financial statements using direct data from our Fund Accounting solution, and then in the click of a button post those statements to the investor portal.

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What you get with Allvue’s investor portal

Branding Capabilities

Create a fully branded investor experience with customizable design elements

Large LP Community

Connect with an LP community over 90,000 strong, including some of the world’s leading endowments, foundations, pensions and institutional consultants

Secure Data Management

Investors can securely manage banking, FATCA, and communication preferences

Investor Monitoring

Track investor access and interactions for improved investor relations and satisfaction

User-Friendly Interface

Designate communication preferences easily with an intuitive communication grid

Configurable Dashboards

Access vital data effortlessly with highly configurable dashboards

Praise from our industry-leading equity clients

"Given Allvue's long history in helping GPs with their reporting needs, it was clear they know what LPs are looking for."

– Brian Murphy,

Technology behind Allvue’s Software

Powered by Microsoft

Built within Microsoft’s enterprise framework, Allvue’s Investor Portal solution leverages Microsoft SharePoint and Azure with a multi-layered security stack provided across physical datacenters, infrastructure, and operations. Allvue aligns with industry-specific compliance standards, such as SOC1 and SOC2.

This provides multiple benefits for our investor portal users, including:

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: It allows us to leverage Microsoft’s extensive research and development capabilities to keep our users on the cutting edge – even as the cutting edge evolves
  • Cloud-Based Environment: It allows us to provide a cloud-based environment that does not require costly upgrades, unlike many of our competitors
  • Intuitive User Experience: It offers a modern, intuitive user experience that is already universally familiar

Frequently asked questions about our investor portal

Allvue’s investor portal is available both as a standalone solution, and as a key module in our fully-integrated private equity suite.

For emerging managers and growing private equity and venture capital firms, our standalone solution allows them to get moving quickly with a best-in-class solution that can meet and exceed their investors’ needs.

Additionally, because our solution can be fully integrated, it doesn’t back managers into a point solution they are likely to quickly outgrow. Instead, it offers a smooth and scalable pathway for growth so that they can build a tech stack on Allvue’s industry-leading platform while they build their company.

Allvue’s investor portal is highly customizable. Users can white label their portal with specific branding, logos, colors, and images for a look that accurately reinforces their company brand. Additionally, GPs can control content access with administration capabilities available directly within the portal. Finally, users can build intuitive, highly configurable dashboards that give limited partners access to the data points most important to them.

We believe our investor portal stands apart from the competition because:

We are built on Microsoft, which allows us to offer a cloud-based, intuitive environment that, unlike many of our competitors, doesn’t require costly upgrades.

Our solution requires minimal implementation time as opposed to many of our competitors who have lengthy and costly onboarding processes.

Our solution integrates seamlessly with our industry-leading platform. Allvue offers award-winning back-office solutions, including our best-in-class fund accounting software system. Our investor portal offers an entry-point into that ecosystem so that users can easily scale their tech stack along with their firm.

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