Article: Private Funds CFO – Your Zoom call with your executive team? They were AI bots

June 7, 2024

Frank Vesce, Allvue’s Chief Information Security Officer, sat down with Jennifer Banzaca at Private Funds CFO to discuss the evolving challenges and concerns that cybersecurity professionals face in the age of rapidly improving generative AI. Machine learning caused cybercrime to become so sophisticated through realistic-looking emails, impersonating individuals via voice or video using deepfake technology, and efficiently exploiting firms` vulnerabilities with AI-powered bots. 

This problem emphasizes the need for firms, chief information security officers (CISOs), and tech vendors to invest in research and development to improve defenses against such attacks. 

That means cybersecurity policies and procedures need to be reviewed frequently, even monthly, says Frank Vesce. “Things are changing with this new technology and you want to be on top of the latest threats.”

To learn more about the crafty schemes of hackers and how to protect yourself and your firm check out the full article by Jennifer Banzaca on Private Fund CFO’s site. 

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