Distressed Debt

Comprehensive distressed debt investing solution that provides powerful research tools, credit management, analysis, and more

All-in-one solution

Allvue’s robust and flexible Distressed Debt Investment suite is an out-of-the-box solution that can get portfolio managers up and running in weeks, not months. It provides users with all of the tools they need to make rapid, informed investment decisions and maximize their return potential.

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What we offer

Portfolio Management

All of the information that a Portfolio Manager needs delivered in easy-to-use dashboards and interactive reports.

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Research Management

Streamline how your firm conducts research and easily integrate your findings into investment and trading tools.

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Trade Order Management

Get efficiency and transparency from your trade order solution and streamline daily workflows across any asset class.

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Investment Accounting

Track all investments with a browser-based accounting module that offers easy deployment, scalability and maintenance.

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Meet compliance standards at all stages of trading with a compliance management solution that integrates up-to-date exposure and market data.

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Implementation Packages

Based on supported asset classes, Allvue offers users three standard packages to get your team up and running quickly:

– LEVEL 1: Loans, Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Equities
– LEVEL 2: All asset classes in Level 1 plus Munis, Trade Claims, Warrants, CLOs
– LEVEL 3: All asset classes in Levels 1 and 2 plus FX Forwards

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