Investor Reporting

Our investor reporting software provides LPs with the information they need, delivered the way they want

Meet the future of data delivery

Investor reporting software has advanced by leaps and bounds over the last few years – and investor expectations along with it. LPs have become accustomed to receiving more detailed information more often in a format of their choosing. Rich, intuitive, and secure investor reporting solutions, that deliver personalized, succinct yet detailed information are now a requirement for any GP looking to build and maintain lasting relationships with investors.

Allvue’s suite of flexible, comprehensive solutions represent the future of investor reporting. Advance your reporting beyond the world of VDRs with an investor portal that allows for highly configurable, feature-rich dashboards and secure document sharing. Easily manage client communications with a customizable and fully integrated CRM. And grant LPs unparalleled access to portfolio data without ceding control of your information. Explore Allvue’s solutions below to learn how you can build LP confidence through a robust and flexible suite of investor reporting software solutions.

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Build highly configurable, feature-rich dashboards that LPs can easily interact with – granting them access to dynamic information instead of static files.


Allow LPs to update their information directly in the system, creating a two-way flow of information.


Keep investors happy with a state-of-the-art solution that offers downloadable data, cash flow analysis, secure document sharing, and more – all in a fully branded experience.

Investor & Investment Management

Client communication made simple


Leverage a fully integrated and highly intuitive communication platform, built on top of Microsoft Dynamics – one of the most popular CRM solutions in the world.


Easily connect the data within Fund Accounting to the K-1s, statements, and notices in your Investor Portal, building a seamless flow of information.


Get the right information into your LPs’ hands quickly and accurately.


Create bespoke dashboards and self-service reporting tools in seconds, so that LPs can interact with data in real time.


Answer ad hoc investor queries in minutes instead of days via an intuitive, consolidated platform.


Partition data based on user type, organization, and other criteria, enabling you to share information without losing control of the data.

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Discover the future of alternative investment software

Allvue’s industry-leading solutions can help your business break down barriers to information, clear a path to success, and reach new heights in alternative investments.

  • Front-to-Back Solutions – From fundraising to Investor Reporting & everything in between, Allvue has the solution you need
  • Multi Asset Class Coverage – Allvue can service all investments in the alternative space — from debt to equity — no matter what you invest in
  • Flexible Deployment – Whether you need a completely integrated solution or best-in-market point offering, Allvue has a deployment to fit your needs