Allvue Launches New Portfolio Management Solution for Limited Partners

January 14, 2021

Technology tool provides fully integrated, multi-asset class solution to enhance investment decision capabilities of LPs and builds upon extensive GP experience

MIAMI, Fla. (January 14 2020) – Allvue Systems (“Allvue”), a leading alternative investment technology solutions provider, today announced the launch of its Limited Partner (“LP”) Portfolio Management solution (“the LP solution”), a fully integrated, multi-manager, multi-asset class tool designed to enhance investment decision capabilities for sophisticated, global institutional fund investors.

Following extensive user validation and testing, Allvue’s LP solution supports investors’ ability to manage and analyze their alternative investments more efficiently. These investors include public and corporate pension plans, foundations, endowments, insurance companies and fund-of-funds who commit capital to a wide range of managers across alternative asset classes and strategies. The LP solution centralizes key investment-related activities across multiple discretionary and commingled investments in a single unified environment to support superior investment decisions while reducing operational burden, redundancy and continuity errors.

“LP’s increased allocation to private market assets, combined with this year’s unexpected market disruption and transition to remote work, has accelerated the need for solutions that provide better transparency to alternative investments and improved information processes,” said Mark Heimbouch, CEO of Allvue. “Our LP Portfolio Management solution was launched to meet these needs, providing a sophisticated and holistic platform that lets LPs map deals every step of the way and evaluate exposures and performance, enabling them to make better and quicker investment decisions.”

The LP solution simplifies data management through its advanced information and document processing functionality which analyzes key data from documents, a heavily time-consuming task given the large amount of information received by LPs every day. The data system will enable investors to track granular attributes, documentation and cash flows pertaining to their investments across multiple private asset classes and investment types, as well as interact with and analyze their investments to assess exposure, performance, risk and more. The solution also allows LPs to capture new opportunities and the deal pipeline, and its Pacing Model provides an integrated and automated tool that empowers LPs to more closely examine the impact of new fund opportunities on their portfolios.

“Having spent most of my career working for large public and private pension plans across North America, I recognized that LPs were lacking a comprehensive, end-to-end tool to manage and track all of the data they receive from GPs,” said Paymun Saket, Managing Director at Allvue. “This theme has been augmented with the continued rise of private markets and increased complexities associated with exposure to private equity, credit, and other alternative asset classes. With the launch of our LP Portfolio Management platform, we will offer LPs the full, integrated suite of tools necessary to help meet their long-term investment goals.”

The LP solution builds upon Allvue’s extensive General Partner (“GP”) experience, which features a single front-to-back solution that enables the aggregation of multiple data sources.

About Allvue
Allvue Systems is a leading provider of investment management solutions for fund managers, investors, and administrators in the alternative investments industry. The company offers innovative, configurable investment software that eliminates the barriers between systems, information, and people, optimizing decision making and streamlining processes to meet investor needs across private debtprivate equity, and other alternative asset classes. Allvue was established in 2019 through the merger of Black Mountain Systems and AltaReturn, and currently manages over $2.5 trillion in assets on its platform. The company is based in Miami, FL with locations throughout North America and Europe. With a commitment to product enhancements and innovation, and a 100% focus on private capital and credit managers, Allvue helps firms make better investment decisions, enables deeper relationships with their investors and prospects, and allows them to spend less time getting information and more time using it. To learn more about Allvue, please visit: https://www.allvuesystems.com/.

Allvue Systems Contact:
Remy Marin
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