Article: CVCA Central – How can emerging managers stay afloat through volatility?

August 2, 2023

James DiCostanzo, Sales Director at Allvue, recently authored an article for the Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association’s publication, CVCA Central, discussing the importance of investing in the investor experience – especially for emerging managers, and especially in times of volatility.

Per CVCA’s own data, Canada’s private equity and venture capital activity – much like the global industry – saw a slow end to 2022 and a shaky start to 2023 in terms of both deal activity and fundraising. Under this challenging environment, and especially as they grow in sophistication, LPs are highly attuned to a clunky investor experience when it comes to accounting, reporting, and transparency.

So what does this mean for emerging managers? For those looking to establish their name and grow their investor base despite this challenging environment, these smaller GPs should seek out the right tools to enhance their back-office operations without adding headcount. Doing so while small and nimble – and during a quieter time in the market – is ideal. By investing in their own operations, emerging managers arm themselves with a competitive advantage that will earn the trust of their LPs and unlock new avenues for growth for the years ahead.

Read the full article here: How Can Emerging Managers Stay Afloat Through Volatility? Invest in the Investor Experience

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