Article: Private equity’s operational upgrade

April 24, 2024

Our Chief Product Officer, Yuriy Shterk discussed the significant changes and transformation in how private equity (PE) firms have been operating throughout the past 10 years in April’s issue of The Drawdown.

“The demands on the private equity back office today versus a decade ago are like night and day,” emphasizes Yuriy. “The GP back office was much simpler. Firms could run with a small team of accountants, spreadsheets and a simple accounting package. They cannot anymore.” 

The discussion covered the importance of technology and digitalization in enabling alternative investment firms to manage increasing workloads and meet regulatory demands more effectively. “In an industry where there is more competition for deals and more competition for fundraising, you have to be able to answer queries and respond to situations quickly. That means you have to own your data and have access to technology that enables you to make sense of that data,” Yuriy Shterk says.

To learn more about regulatory compliance, tech transformation, co-sourcing, and AI , check out the full article by Nicholas Neveling of the Drawdown.

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