Article: The Drawdown – Allvue launches private debt platform

July 2, 2024

Allvue`s Chief Revenue Officer, Tarek Saleh commented on the launch of Private Debt Essentials and highlighted key features such as customizable portals, self-service dashboards and real-time visibility into management reporting.

“With increasing competition and expanding investor expectations, private debt managers are faced with a distinct set of challenges to grow and scale their businesses,” emphasizes Tarek. “Allvue enables emerging private debt managers to have the opportunity to establish their growing operations on purpose-built technology and avoid unnecessary risks and inefficiencies that come with manual tools. Our solution set provides the necessary infrastructure for emerging private debt managers to continue to scale, increase efficiency, and streamline back-office operations to meet increasingly complex market needs,” Tarek Saleh says.

To learn more about Allvue`s recently launched suite of tools for emerging private debt managers check out the full article by Matthias Plotz of the Drawdown.

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