Client Spotlight: Wasmer, Schroeder & Company

February 11, 2015

A Solution to Achieve Efficiency & Scalability in Trading Operations

Our mission at Black Mountain Systems is to provide portfolio managers with increased operating efficiency so that they can focus on the high-value activities that drive investment performance. In our partnership with Wasmer, Schroeder & Company, our goal was to develop and implement a best-practice solution that tailored to the unique challenges and needs of their business in the municipal market.

Client profile

Wasmer, Schroeder & Company specializes in fixed income separate account portfolio management for high net worth individuals, wealth management groups and institutions. As of 9/30/14, they have $4.91 billion in assets under management.

Business challenge

As an SMA manager managing over 2000 individual accounts, Wasmer, Schroeder & Company was seeking technology that would enable their business to scale quickly while enhancing processes between their front and middle office teams and decreasing administrative overhead. Specifically, they were looking to build a more robust portfolio compliance capability, a streamlined trade order management process that required less input from their staff, and a trade allocation process that efficiently integrated their portfolio management program.

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