Can Allvue’s private equity software still help me as a multi-strategy alternative investment manager?

March 27, 2023

Yes! Allvue’s technology is built to be asset class agnostic in the alternative investment sphere.

For example, consider Allvue’s back-office integrations. Fund Accounting is built for private equity strategies and easily integrates with Allvue’s Investment Accounting solutions built for private debt strategies – ultimately offering a fully consolidated back-office approach for a multi-strategy private capital portfolio.

You can automatically generate subledger entries, which then get integrated to your chart of accounts and general ledger in Fund Accounting. By using our consolidated back office, you maintain the same security master, portfolio information, and transactions. Keeping these in sync reduces any risk of duplicate entry or mismatched data.

To see our consolidated back office in action, watch this two-minute demo.

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