Allvue in Action: The Power of a Consolidated Back Office

By: Allvue Team

May 26, 2023

Allvue’s Consolidated Back Office offering combines our industry-leading Investment Accounting solution, long the first choice for private debt managers, with our award-winning Fund Accounting solution, renowned in the private equity industry for providing GPs a true general ledger, to provide private debt managers and direct lenders with a fully-integrated solution that can help them grow their business while maintaining their head count.

In this two-minute demo video, Solutions Engineer Barb Rockenbach demonstrates how this single system can meaningfully streamline and de-risk the process of posting your accounting results on a monthly basis.

Learn how Allvue helps solution helps private debt managers and direct lenders streamline their back-office workflows. And see more of our 2- and 3-minute demo videos here.


Hi, I’m Barb Rockenbach, and I wanted to take a few minutes to show you how Allvue’s Consolidated Back Office solution can simplify your back-office workflows. In this video, we’ll show you how, by integrating your Investment and Fund Accounting workflows, Allvue can streamline and de-risk the posting of your monthly accounting results. Let’s get started!

The power of Allvue’s Consolidated Back Office is that the data of your transactions in Investment Accounting is able to flow directly through to Fund Accounting. This allows users across different teams to focus on what matters to them, while working off of a golden source of data.

As a case study, let’s complete a principal repayment, or paydown, in Allvue’s Investment Accounting solution. Here, we can set the date, choose the positions, and set the principal amount, which gets allocated down through each position. We immediately see that the transaction recorded in the position’s event history, as well as a complete history of the investment.

The GL Hub then transfers the transaction to Fund Accounting. The criteria of the GL Hub are set up during the implementation process, where users specify the reporting schedule, which funds are included in a given book, and other factors. Here we can see our same paydown transaction reflected in the GL Hub according to those specifics.

From there, each distinct type of debit or credit is then mapped to the general ledger account in Fund Accounting. Here again is our same paydown transaction, but posted now according to the pre-established accounting rules, which are also set up during implementation. Because the back-office team is working off of the same data as in Investment Accounting, they can quickly review the specifics of any transaction and approve an entire month of transactions in a matter of minutes.

Thanks for watching. To learn more about how Allvue can help streamline your back-office workflows and to see a full demo, visit AllvueSystems.com.


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