Whitepaper: The Rise of Co-Sourcing

By: Machele Huckabee

Senior Sales Executive
June 18, 2024

Maintaining insourcing gives GPs control over their data, however it can drain resources and create drag against a firm’s ability to scale in terms of cost and labor.  Manual processes, industry demands to increase transparency, the drive to protect data and privacy, and regulatory drivers to establish rules for third parties can impact the bottom line.

Fund managers are under enormous pressure to scale as they grow, share data with limited partners (LPs) on demand, maintain transparency, stay on top of regulations, and maintain a degree of flexibility while adapting to market conditions. With co-sourcing firms can:

  • Benefit from integrated, direct control over data and data security
  • Enable efficient and secure data management, cost control and technological agility while leveraging the expertise of service providers
  • Gain flexibility to adapt to regulatory and investor demands, while scaling and enabling firms to take advantage of growth opportunities

Download our whitepaper to learn more about how co-sourcing can drive growth for your firm, while enabling you to maintain control over your data and meet the expectations of your LPs.



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More About The Author

Machele Huckabee

Senior Sales Executive

Machele Huckabee is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in the enterprise and fund administration space. She joined Allvue in 2021 as a key member of the team. Prior to that, Machele worked in institutional sales in private equity real estate at RealPage, where she honed her expertise in the financial services industry. Machele is a graduate of Weber State University, where she earned a degree in professional sales and a minor in economics. With her wealth of knowledge and expertise, Machele is a valuable asset to the Allvue team and is committed to delivering exceptional results for the company and its clients.

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