LP Portfolio Management

Front, middle, and back office portfolio management for LPs


Complete portfolio forecasting, insight, and analysis

Allvue’s LP Portfolio Management solution is a fully integrated platform empowering Limited Partners/Investors to perform front-middle-, and back-office activities within a single unified environment. It blends functionalities of CRM, Deal Tracking and Analysis, Portfolio Management and Analysis, Reporting, and Investment Accounting into a single product. Users can manage multiple alternative asset classes, track new opportunities, generate and analyze performance figures, perform detailed analysis of current investments, and model future cash flows and portfolio growth.


Features & Benefits

Track, analyze and amalgamate different alternatives asset classes utilizing one solution

Monitor and gain insight into your portfolio’s alternatives investment exposure using a dashboard, and prebuilt and customizable reports

Generate multiple preset or user-defined performance figures to track and analyze investments

Track contact information and documents associated with each investment

Model future cash flows and growth of alternatives investment portfolios to enhance investment decisions and reduce portfolio risks

Track transactions and perform detailed revaluation of your alternative investments through our dedicated workflows

Comprehensive deal management

Track and assign new opportunities, review and rank new prospects, track meetings, notes, attachments, and more. Utilizing the built-in deal workflows, LPs/Investors can follow the path of new deals from potential to close while ensuring all relevant documents, steps, and approvals have been met.

Detailed portfolio analysis

Prebuilt dashboards and customizable reporting enable in-depth and granular analysis across portfolios, fund managers, funds, portfolio companies and direct investments. LPs/Investors will be able to quickly and efficiently understand their exposures or performance of their investments.

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