ESG in Private Equity


The role of ESG in private equity
is expanding

Once relegated to the public markets, ESG’s role in private equity grows by the day. Increased investor demands and an evolving patchwork of regulations have spurred GPs to action and, as a result, the private equity industry has surged forward. At Allvue, we believe ESG priorities to be a pillar of our industry, our clients’ needs, and our own core values. We are excited to embrace the continued evolution of the industry.

The growing influence of ESG in private equity

ESG’s impact on the global institutional investing world has reached new heights – not only in the public markets but also in private equity.

According to Preqin, more than one-third of global private market assets are overseen by firms committed to ESG investing.

So as investors and managers increasingly view their private capital investment decisions through environmental, social, and governance lenses, the demand for ESG solutions purpose-built for the private markets has steadily climbed.

This high demand for ESG & private market solutions is particularly driven by data. Data is at the center of any ESG initiative – but when it comes to the private markets, portfolio and market data is notoriously difficult to unlock.

At Allvue, our asset class-agnostic solutions are built to serve as a single source of truth when it comes to their asset managers’ and institutions’ private market portfolios, all with an eye to their ESG impact and goals.


Hone your private equity ESG strategy with Allvue

This emphasis on ESG has taken hold as data expectations of private equity and venture capital managers were already mounting. Transparency is also a core element of ESG, and not only should managers be able to monitor key ESG metrics; they should also be able to communicate and share that data cleanly and seamlessly.

Faced with these pressures, managers will need a portfolio monitoring tool that can empower them to meet and exceed these expectations.

Allvue’s Fund Performance and Portfolio Monitoring solution is designed to help private equity and venture capital managers do just that. It provides them with powerful analytics and benchmarking for dozens of custom KPIs, including ESG metrics, while empowering them to report on these metrics to internal stakeholders, as well as to key external stakeholders like investors and regulators.


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