Introducing a new portfolio management solution for LPs

Multi-asset class front to back capabilities for LPs


Our fully integrated platform help LPs turbo-charge their investment decision-making process

Allvue’s LP Portfolio Management solution empowers Limited Partners to execute front-, middle-, and back- office activities within a fully integrated platform, so they can gain valuable insight into opportunities to grow their alternative asset portfolios.

A comprehensive set of tools including CRM, Deal Tracking and Analysis, Portfolio Management and Analysis, Reporting, and Investment Accounting lets LPs map deals every step of the way, evaluate exposures and performance, and track and monitor cash flows.

Developed specifically for multi-asset class portfolios


Gain insight into your investments through interactive dashboard and pre-set and customized reporting


Track investments from inception to maturity and view granular attributes across assets classes


Monitor investments and investment structures easily via streamlined workflows and interactive diagrams


Chart portfolio development to enhance decision-making and performance analysis of your investments against the market

Track, monitor, and evaluate your performance

  • Single solution expedites your ability to track, analyze, and amalgamate discrete alternatives asset classes in your portfolio
  • Robust analytical tools provide detailed portfolio insights into your alternative investment exposure
  • Multiple preset and user-defined performance figures facilitate investment evaluation and analysis
  • Sophisticated tracking tools let you aggregate and compile key information and documentation relating to current investments, new opportunities, fund managers, and contact details
  • Modeling functionality to project future cash flows and growth of alternatives investment portfolios enhances investment decisions and mitigates portfolio risks
  • Multi-step workflows streamline transactions, portfolio revaluation and new opportunity tracking and analysis

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For LPs with alternative assets in their portfolios, tracking portfolio investments, monitoring risk, and evaluating performance are important parts of maintaining their private equity portfolio. All LPs, regardless of what they invest in, need to be able to analyze exposure across assets, make future allocations to GPs, calculate returns, and generate reports for use by their internal teams.

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