Allvue Enhances Capabilities of Fund Performance & Portfolio Monitoring Solution

March 11, 2021

Expanded solution provides real-time business intelligence for general partners

Miami, FL – March 11, 2021 – Allvue Systems (“Allvue”), a leading alternative investment technology solutions provider, today announced the launch of its enhanced Fund Performance & Portfolio Monitoring (“FPPM”) Solution to enable general partners (“GPs”) to visualize, aggregate and analyze private equity portfolio data in real-time.

The enhancements made to Allvue’s FPPM solution will reduce the operational burden on GPs as well as increase business intelligence, empowering managers to act more efficiently and in real-time. The offering includes a single unified reporting system and interactive dashboards that are available to investors so they can quickly and easily access accurate, updated portfolio data, as well as extensive reporting capabilities to seamlessly extract actionable insights.

“The updates to our FPPM solution illustrate the true synergy and unique value of Allvue’s product offering, encompassing the best of our legacies from AltaReturn and Black Mountain,” said Mark Heimbouch, CEO of Allvue. “The FPPM solution combines a streamlined process for data collection with an intuitive cloud-based platform that can easily consolidate and integrate information across all internal operating teams into one dashboard which enables GPs to more actively manage investments and meet the heavy reporting needs of investors.”

Allvue’s FPPM solution goes beyond KPI collection and basic reporting and provides GPs the ability to oversee the performance of investments more accurately and down to the asset-level, as well as easily build customized visualizations and reports. GPs can also integrate fund accounting and financing data into the platform to monitor for potential risks and trends giving stakeholders across the firm better business insights to speed up deal-making.

“Managers have had to rely on siloed and underperforming monitoring solutions that have caused an information lag and slowed down the investment decision making process,” stated Yuriy Shterk, Chief Product Officer at Allvue. “Our expanded FPPM solution will help GPs consolidate information quickly and in an intuitive way, providing a better understanding of their portfolios and where to deploy capital.”

The FPPM solution builds upon Allvue’s offerings that provide GPs and LPs with easily integrated, end-to-end solutions that enable simplified and enhanced data management. Allvue recently launched products to enhance the investment decisions of its clients including its LP Portfolio Management platform and Fund Finance solutions.

About Allvue

Allvue Systems is a leading provider of end-to-end investment management solutions for fund managers, investors, and administrators in the alternative investments industry. The company offers innovative, configurable investment software with an integrated front-to-back solution that empowers superior investment decisions by eliminating the barriers between systems, information, and people, and streamlining investment processes. Allvue was established in 2019 through the merger of Black Mountain Systems and AltaReturn, and currently manages over $2.5 trillion in assets on its platform. The company is based in Miami, FL with locations throughout North America and Europe. With a commitment to product enhancements and innovation, and a focus on private debtprivate equity, and other alternative asset classes, Allvue helps firms make better investment decisions, enables deeper relationships with their investors and prospects, and allows them to spend less time getting information and more time using it. To learn more about Allvue, please visit: https://www.allvuesystems.com/

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Remy Marin
Prosek Partners
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