Allvue Systems Selects Snowflake for New Centralized Data Solution

August 18, 2021

The centralized data system will enable Allvue Systems customers to unlock data at scale

Miami, FL – August 18, 2021 – Allvue Systems (“Allvue”), a leading alternative investment technology solutions provider, announced today that they have chosen Snowflake, the Data Cloud Company, to offer a centralized Data Cloud that will significantly enhance and simplify clients’ data storage and processing capabilities across business lines and asset classes.

Allvue’s new data lake solution will enable clients to warehouse and manage all of their data on one integrated, user-friendly system. The sophisticated, cloud-native platform will feature APIs for easy, global accessibility, as well as the ability to query their entire data catalog at once to unlock insights that inform portfolio and investment decisions. In addition, the platform’s event-driven integration and cohesive business intelligence (“BI”) solution will simplify data collection and enhance reporting processes across business lines and audiences, increasing operational efficiencies front-to-back.

“As financial firms have increased their cloud adoption for various services and products, many have struggled with achieving the data accessibility and integration they need to make informed investment decisions and are often left to reconstruct data downstream via their own warehouse builds,” said Brandon Meeks, Chief Technology Officer of Allvue. “Using Snowflake to build our centralized data platform ensures we can meet and exceed our clients’ needs, fully optimizing their data management on one centralized platform so they can focus on creating value and growing their businesses.”

“When it comes to financial services, we often see legacy systems that can complicate operations and limit access to data, especially from third-party providers,” said Matt Glickman, VP of Customer Product Strategy, Data Marketplace and Financial Services at Snowflake. “Allvue will enable their clients to easily and comprehensively leverage data for maximum impact, as well as meet compliance and regulatory objectives.”

Allvue’s new consolidated data platform will support clients across multiple cloud providers, so it can be easily implemented with existing systems. Mutual clients between Allvue and Snowflake will also be able to share datasets across platforms.

This announcement continues Allvue’s commitment to making data more accessible at scale for its alternative investment clients. Earlier this year, the firm enriched its client experience through the launch of its LP Portfolio Management platform and enhancements to its Fund Performance & Portfolio Monitoring Solution.

About Allvue
Allvue Systems is a leading provider of investment management solutions for fund managers, investors, and administrators in the alternative investments industry. The company offers innovative, configurable investment software with an integrated front-to-back solution that empowers superior investment decisions by eliminating the barriers between systems, information, and people, and streamlining investment processes. Allvue was established in 2019 through the merger of Black Mountain Systems and AltaReturn, and currently manages over $2.5 trillion in assets on its platform. The company is based in Miami, FL with locations throughout North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. With a commitment to product enhancements and innovation, and a focus on private debtprivate equity, and other alternative asset classes, Allvue helps firms make better investment decisions, enables deeper relationships with their investors and prospects, and allows them to spend less time getting information and more time using it. To learn more about Allvue, please visit: https://www.allvuesystems.com/

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