Article: Private Equity International – GPs look to ‘tech-enablement’ when navigating valuations uncertainty

April 13, 2023

Yuriy Shterk, Chief Product Officer at Allvue, recently discussed with PEI how both Covid disruption and the current market volatility have increased the necessity of comprehensive technology adoption for GPs.

“The pandemic saw a step change in investor expectations around GP response times to information requests,” Shterk said. “LPs couldn’t wait for two weeks for reports on exposure to new market risks. The dynamic has changed, and investors now demand access to real-time information, at their fingertips.”

This same step change in LP needs has helped fuel some of the innovations in Allvue’s solution set, in order to better equip private equity fund managers with the tools they need. Our Investor Portal software solution allows investors real-time access to their data and provides them with customizable dashboards in order to be able to quickly extract insights from it. And our Fund Performance & Portfolio Monitoring solution allows GPs to quickly analyze their holdings and better answer inbound queries.

Learn more about Allvue’s award-winning private equity software solution set.

And read the full PEI article here: GPs look to ‘tech-enablement’ when navigating valuations uncertainty

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