Allvue in Action: Enhancing your Fund and Portfolio Company Analytics

By: Allvue Team

May 22, 2023

In this three-minute video, Solutions Engineer Barb Rockenbach shows how Allvue can help enhance your fund and portfolio company analytics. See how doing so can help your firm drive faster decision making and focus on value-added activities.

Learn how Allvue helps emerging venture capital and private equity funds supercharge their growth with accounting, reporting, and investor communication solutions. And see more of our 2- and 3-minute demo videos here.


Hi, I’m Barb Rockenbach, and I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about enhancing your fund and portfolio company analytics. In this video, we’ll show you how your firm can drive faster decision making and focus on value added activities. Let’s get started!

A single source of truth platform allows stakeholders to quickly consume any holdings-level or portfolio-level information relevant to them. For each fund, you have a go-to source for the latest fund accounting balances, such as invested capital and unfunded commitment. You have real time fund and investment holdings level performance metrics, like IRR and TVPI. You also have financial and non-financial KPIs side by side in a single platform.


Each table and dashboard is completely configurable based on the user that logs in and the information that’s most important to them. Native reporting tools provide flexibility for slicing and dicing and building dashboards that can help drive faster decision making. For example, each panel display may be configured, saved, and automatically distributed in PDF or Excel, providing everything needed for a Monday morning meeting in a clean report that can be easily exported and delivered via email on a scheduled basis.

For deeper portfolio company analysis, budget-to-actual financial KPIs from the data collection process are consolidated into the system and available to identify trends, build calculations or ratios, and plug in to external valuation models. To track value creation, you can perform time series trend analysis on non-financial KPIs at the deal level or even across the portfolio as a whole.

Lastly, to ensure teams have full access to the platform’s underlying data, there’s standard integration with reporting tools such as Power BI and Excel for building tear sheets, plugging into models, and providing unlimited flexibility to maximize internal operations.

Thanks for watching. To learn more about enhancing your fund and portfolio company analytics and to see a full demo, please visit AllvueSystems.com.


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