Allvue’s Client Hub: Helping Fund Admins Deliver a Better Investor Experience

By: Theresa Tran

Senior Product Manager, Investor Relations
May 4, 2023

Over the last few years, LPs have started to demand more from their GPs – more investment data, more reports and faster turnaround. This has translated to pressure on GPs to produce this data. But for GPs that use fund administrators, having 24/7 access to accounting data is a challenge, even as it becomes critical to attracting fund investment.   

Allvue’s Client Hub gives fund administrators the opportunity to answer this challenge for their GP clients. The platform gives GPs direct access to shared documents and enables them to run their own real-time reports, thus allowing them to quickly and easily provide LPs with any information they require.  

Our platform can help fund administrators collaborate and communicate with their clients, auditors, and other third parties. Allvue’s Client Hub is unlike anything else in the market and bolsters GP relations. As a fund administrator, you can provide your GP clients with direct access to shared documents, enable them to run their own real-time reports, and much more.  


Cater to Each Client

Allvue’s Client Hub environment can be customized to reflect each of your specific clients’ brands. You can add your clients’ colors, their logo, and even deploy a client-specific URL. We’ve built out a no code interface where you are free to update tiles and manage permissions directly in the UI and in real time.

Client Hub offers a streamlined, user-friendly, Microsoft-built experience

Customizable tiles allow fund administrators to create a unique landing page for their clients, with links to shared folders, directories to different services, access to reporting and the ability to use interactive dashboards to visualize data.

Direct Data Empowers Clients

Within the Client Hub, GPs are empowered to run their own reports in real time, allowing them the most up-to-date information to drive decision making. The platform offers a wide range of standard reports, including trial balances, cash flows, and other financial statements, in addition to the ability to built custom reports. Once run, users can then drill through to the underlying data or export to multiple formats, giving them important fund information at their fingertips.  

Because Allvue’s system lets users render this data into Excel, they can maintain any pre-defined SSRS formatting, such as logos. They can also augment standard reports with embedded calculations, pivot tables, graphs, charts and more. These reports can be run into CSV to extract the raw data, which can be useful for any reconciliation across funds and dates in real time. 


PowerBI Integration Creates a Powerful, Custom Dashboards

Not only can GP clients run traditional SSRS reports, the Allvue Client Hub also allows them to access dynamic dashboards and visualization tools driven by Power BI, letting them interact dynamically with their data. Leveraging PowerBI, fund administrators can create and publish client-specific dashboards that help your GPs to transform raw data into actionable insights.


Other Benefits of Client Hub: 

Build a Stronger Relationship with Client Hub

At Allvue, we see ourselves as partners with our fund administrator clients. In this extremely competitive marketplace, our market-leading solutions give our customers a competitive edge by helping build a stronger service culture, more resilient relationships, and superior client service.

Learn how our Fund Administrator solution set can help you build a better relationship with your clients. 

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