Expanding Nordic Region-Specific Fund Accounting Features

By: Kamil Godlewski

Product Manager
June 26, 2024


The Nordic region is faced with an increase in regulatory requirements related to accounting processes, including the transfer of accounting data across suppliers, standardization of tax file formats, and being able to handle specific reporting requirements for multiple jurisdictions. The importance of adhering to local file standards such as SIE (Standard Import Export) and SAF-T (Standard Audit File for Tax), as well as specific accounting jurisdictions cannot be overstated as they aim to enhance investor transparency, regulatory compliance, cross-border compatibility, while enabling prudent financial management.   

Allvue’s Fund Accounting software solution is purpose-built to meet global accounting requirements. With our latest enhancements, we’ve added robust support for tax compliance, reporting, and accounting jurisdictional requirements. Here’s a closer look at why these enhancements are crucial for GPs and Fund Administrators operating in the Nordics. 

SIE: Streamlining Financial Data Exchange 

SIE Defined

SIE, short for Standard Import Export, is an open standard for transferring accounting data between different software solutions. It acts as a standardized language for reporting financial data, facilitating the seamless exchange of information between different Nordic institutions and authorities. Originally prevalent in Sweden, this file format is now gaining traction in other Nordic countries, including Norway and Finland. By standardizing how financial data is formatted and exchanged, SIE enables more straightforward consolidation of financial reports and enhances the accuracy of financial data. 

Allvue SIE Functionality 

With Allvue’s Fund Accounting solution, accounting users can now import and export general ledger data in the SIE format directly to and from Allvue’s back-office system. This feature enables users to exchange accounting data between different software systems as well as government tax authorities effortlessly using Allvue to align with regional regulatory requirements. 


  • Efficiency in data handling: Reduces manual data entry and potential errors. 
  • Improved interoperability: Ensures that different systems can communicate effectively, reducing compatibility issues. 
  • Cost-Effective Deployment: Minimizes the need for customized solutions for data exchange, reducing implementation and operational costs. 

SAF-T: Facilitating Compliance and Audits 

SAF-T Defined 

SAF-T, or Standard Audit File for Tax, is an international standard designed for the electronic exchange of reliable accounting data from organizations to national tax authorities or external auditors. Developed by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), this machine-readable file format enables tax authorities to easily access and analyze a company’s accounting information. It is designed to facilitate easier and more efficient tax audits. Over 40 countries worldwide currently adopt SAF-T for their tax reporting processes. 

Allvue SAF-T Functionality 

Enhanced SAF-T functionality empowers accounting users to set up, generate, and export Standard Audit Files for Tax directly from Allvue’s Fund Accounting product. Whether for complying with tax reporting requirements or sharing accounting information with external auditors, this functionality ensures seamless communication between your organization and relevant stakeholders to further streamline the reporting process. 


  • Enhanced transparency: Makes it easier for tax authorities to access and review financial data, thereby promoting greater transparency in financial reporting. 
  • Simplified compliance: Helps firms meet tax reporting requirements more efficiently and with reduced likelihood of errors. 
  • Audit efficiency: Streamlines the audit process by providing third-parties with detailed and structured financial data. 

Accounting Jurisdictions: Enabling Multiple Charts of Accounts 

Accounting Jurisdictions Defined 

Accounting jurisdictions refer to areas governed by specific accounting standards that may require distinct charts of accounts to accommodate varied reporting needs. For example, the differences between Norwegian and Swedish Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) necessitate separate charts of accounts for each jurisdiction to meet respective reporting requirements. 

Allvue Accounting Jurisdiction Functionality 

Allvue’s Fund Accounting solution now supports modeling multiple charts of accounts within the system. This functionality allows users to assign different investors, vendors, securities, issuers, and companies to posting groups operating in different jurisdictions. Ensuring compliance with regional financial reporting requirements, this feature streamlines the management of multiple charts of accounts, catering to the distinct reporting standards mandated by various jurisdictional authorities. 


  • Investor trust: Builds investors’ confidence and attracts more capital by ensuring compliance with regional and local accounting standards.  
  • Enhanced flexibility: Allows organizations to easily accommodate the expansion of operations into new jurisdictions, facilitating growth and adaptability. 
  • Accurate financial reporting: Ensures that financial statements reflect varied regional needs, aiding all stakeholders in making informed decisions. 


By leveraging the latest enhancements in Allvue’s Fund Accounting software solution, firms can navigate the complexities of tax compliance and jurisdictional requirements with greater ease. The ideal fund accounting solution should offer seamless tax compliance, precise reporting capabilities, and the ability to manage multiple accounting jurisdictions. By leveraging these advanced features, CFOs and their teams can enhance operational efficiency, ensure regulatory compliance, and stay ahead in a constantly changing regulatory landscape. 

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Kamil Godlewski

Product Manager

Kamil Godlewski is a product manager at Allvue Systems, a leading provider of investment management solutions. He has over 15 years of experience in finance and sales, working with various clients in the alternative investment space with an emphasis on private equity. He has a MBA in finance from Indiana University's Kelley School of Business and is a previous CPA license holder.

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