Whitepaper: The risk of spreadsheets for private capital fund managers

March 6, 2020

Spreadsheets are like an old friend – we rely and trust them, even if they make us crazy once in a while. But in terms of the private capital industry, too much reliance can turn into an unproductive relationship. Spreadsheets have played a major role in technological and financial innovation since the advent of VisiCalc. However, a growing number of errors stemming from reliance on them have caused significant financial losses across a wide number of industries. With private capital’s increasing influence in the financial markets, the role the spreadsheet plays in making major decisions – across the back office, deal teams and LPs – is worth examining. This whitepaper looks at the nature of the risks posed by the continued prevalence of spreadsheet-based processes at private equity, private debt, real estate and venture firms. To keep reading, download the whitepaper now.

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