Top 5 Considerations For Private Debt Technology

By: Allvue Team

June 26, 2024

Private debt has witnessed substantial growth, driven by regulatory changes, investor demand, and evolving market dynamics. Despite a decline in fundraising, assets under management (AUM) have surged 27 percent to $1.7 trillion.  In the ever-evolving landscape of private debt management, picking the right technology solution is key in terms of ensuring continued growth, operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and investor satisfaction. 

With growth and opportunity, come a variety of challenges that debt fund managers must navigate to draw in investors and manage data, reporting, and relationships to keep funds running smoothly and efficiently while balancing future growth.  The right technology solution can help lenders and fund managers strike when the iron is hot when market opportunities around debt markets present themselves.     

This whitepaper outlines the top five considerations when selecting a technology solution to manage private debt including: 

  • Competitive pressure and increased allocations to the private markets 
  • Managing investor expectations 
  • Lifecycle management and automation 
  • Dynamic reporting and data security 
  • Enabling efficient allocation and funding  

This paper will also review the top 5 essential benefits a technology platform should offer.

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