PE Stack Ranks Allvue Portfolio Monitoring

May 22, 2023

Allvue’s Fund Performance and Portfolio Monitoring (FPPM) solution has been ranked by PE Stack as an industry-leading GP portfolio monitoring system in the latest round of its product ranking series. As shown on the map, PE Stack determined that Allvue offered the broadest support for all private capital fund types while also sitting among the top providers in terms of offering additional solutions to serve the full investment lifecycle from front to back office. 

Allvue's GP Portfolio Monitoring as ranked by PE Stack

According to PE Stack, to create the portfolio monitoring ranking map, it tracked 127 vendors who identify as portfolio monitoring solutions for GPs. Of those, 24% were mostly or entirely focused on this area, while 76% offer portfolio monitoring as part of a wider suite of applications. PE Stack narrowed down the pool of vendors to a stricter definition of portfolio monitoring (ingesting data from portcos, analytics engine, and reporting output) and mapped the resulting 40 vendors on a basis of point solution to end-to-end solution. 

We at Allvue feel affirmed in this ranking. Allvue’s mission is to empower GPs to make better alternative investment decisions, and that requires a full-picture view across your entire alternatives portfolio and investment lifecycle. A point solution can’t help you transform your alternative investment operations – for that you must partner with a truly end-to-end solution.  

It is therefore important for anyone considering a new platform to identify current viable providers and not rely on past processes when it comes to the universe of vendors. Increased competition in the market has also driven innovation from more established names, and it would not be wise to rely on past impressions of certain platforms when embarking on a new process.

PE Stack, “Product Series in Focus: GP Portfolio Monitoring” 

In the current investing environment, these elements are needed more than ever. Economic volatility has sustained, especially in the public markets, and GPs will naturally desire additional insight into the state of their alts portfolios. LPs are demanding more detailed and specific views from their GPs and only investing with those who can meet their reporting expectations. Plus, ESG continues to push the private capital industry to achieve a new level of data transparency. 

DOWNLOAD NOW: A Complete List of ESG KPIs by Industry 

With all of these forces at work, an isolated point solution cannot holistically help GPs battle their pain points. But Allvue can. Fund Performance and Portfolio Monitoring provides GPs with powerful analytics and benchmarking for dozens of custom KPIs while empowering them to report on these metrics to internal stakeholders, as well as to key external stakeholders like investors and regulators. Beyond FPPM, GPs can seamlessly plug into features like portfolio management, fund accounting, investor management, and much more. 

Want to see Allvue’s platform in action? Check out this two-minute video showing off our portfolio monitoring capabilities, or reach out for a demo below. 

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