Whitepaper: Co-Sourcing: The Next Frontier of Fund Administration

By: Allvue Team

December 1, 2022

Fund administrators are well-positioned to alleviate the growing challenge of data management faced by their clients. They have the professional services and workflow expertise that simplifies the work of managing a fund. However, many managers see a tradeoff: if they bring in an administrator, they will either give up access to their data or maintain shadow books to maintain access to their information.  

Thankfully, though, there is a way to give GPs the benefits of outsourced fund administration services while allowing them to maintain ready access to their data: Co-sourcing. 

Give your clients top-notch professional services and ready data access with co-sourcing.

With co-sourcing, the fund administrator’s team leverages the GP’s software system – and the data within that system – to execute the GP’s accounting and reporting workflows. Fund managers get to offload their administration while still holding on to their data. And fund administrators get to build deeper relationships with clients without complicating data management workflows. 

Our whitepaper, Co-Sourcing: The Next Frontier for Fund Administration, breaks down why both fund administrators and fund managers should consider co-sourcing. It looks at how the advantages of the co-sourcing with Allvue fits into the current lineup of fund administration services, the benefits for fund administrators, and the benefits for private capital funds. Download now and see how co-sourcing can improve your business. 



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