Tear Sheet Templates for Private Equity Managers

By: Allan Parks

Product Manager, Fund Performance & Portfolio Monitoring Solutions
April 14, 2023

Keeping all stakeholders – both internal and external – in the loop with clean data snapshots is a key challenge for many private equity managers. That’s where a tear sheet comes into play.

What is a tear sheet?

In finance, a tear sheet is a short document, usually one to two pages, that aggregates and summarizes key information about funds, investments, and portfolio companies.

Allvue’s tear sheet templates give private equity managers a solid foundation for the one-off, high-level private equity reporting of investment data. Download our free .ZIP folder containing PDF tear sheet templates for a fund-level tear sheet and a portfolio company-level tear sheet, and enable your team to quickly and easily update investors, prospects, and internal team members on essential metrics.

Looking for venture capital tear sheets instead? Click here to download our VC tear sheet kit.

Are you a private equity manager ready to up your data analytics and reporting capabilities? Our tear sheet templates are just the beginning. Allvue’s Fund Performance and Portfolio Monitoring solution empowers GPs with robust analytics and capable reporting and dashboarding tools.

Not only does Fund Performance and Portfolio Monitoring enable your team to quickly spin off automatically generated tear sheets like the ones in our downloadable kit – it’s built to act as your single source of fund performance truth. The solution’s dynamic dashboards and reports allow you to extract actionable insights from your data, spot trends, and make the right decisions for your funds.

Allvue also helps new and emerging managers supercharge their growth with the Equity Essentials solution set. Our comprehensive set of accounting, reporting, and investor communication solutions helps managers in their initial growth stage streamline their data collection, improve their portfolio monitoring capabilities, automatically generate tear sheets, and ultimately grow to reach a new level of success.

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